Proven Results

Proven Results After 33 Days:

  • 99% Agreed Skin is younger looking.
  • 100% Would buy and recommend to a friend.
  • 98% Agreed Skin is more radiant.
  • 100% Agreed that all the products were gentle, non-drying and non-irritating.
  • 100% Agreed Skin was more hydrated, softer and smoother.


I cannot believe how smooth, soft and young my skin looks. It look like I have lost 8 years off of my age. I love all the products. -Stephanie E.

My skin tends to be pretty well balanced and without acne so I typically don’t use moisturizer. However, after reading the ingredients list I used the Nordic Beauty Youth Collagen Peptide Cream for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised by the feel of the product on my skin. It wasn’t oily and it is VERY soft. Out on the street, men and female friends were paying me compliments on the glow about my face. It seems that this product is well balanced for my skin type. The cream also has a unique but pleasantly natural smell that is subtle once applied. I now use this product every day… -Kevin H.

My face looks amazing after using all the 4 products in this line. I love all the products they all smell so good and I feel my skin has improved so much in the short time I have used them.
I now know how much of a difference 100% natural and organic ingredients make. Not only do I look much younger I also feel healthy and excited about applying these products every day to my skin knowing it’s good for my face and well being. -Margaret K.

My skin is very sensitive and I am allergic to synthetic perfume. I love the youth collagen peptide cream. My skin looks beautiful and feel so soft. I keep touching my face to feel the softness. I am so happy to have finally found an all natural line of anti-aging products after all these years that I can’t live without. -Jennifer L.

My skin looks younger and has gotten a radiant complexion. My skin has transformed after using the products. The result I have gotten is worth the cost. -Olga S.

All the products in this line has given my skin a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. The area around my eyes is less visible. Thank you! -Ellie C.

I’m SO in love with the products!!!! I tried them this morning, and not only are they packaged beautifully, but they feel amazing. I am head over heels for the collagen serum for my dry face. Move on over ‘Hope in a Jar’! My philosophy skin products left a sticky feel after application…. your products do not. Can’t wait to tell everyone about it!!! THANK YOU! -Heather J.