Where do you keep your sunscreen? Packed away with the beach towels and your swimsuits? Wrong! Sunscreen should be an everyday item for you, even if you don’t plan on venturing anywere near the beach, and even if it’s winter. Unless you don’t plan on setting foot out the door at all today—or at least not any farther than a quick trip to
the mailbox and back indoors, without stopping to chitchat with a neighbor—you need sunscreen.
What you don’t need is the harmful glop that’s found in synthetic sunscreens. Don’t you love your skin? If you do, you want to treat it right, and treating it right means not subjecting it to the rigors and dangers inherent in using the synthetics found in most commercial sunscreens.
Right about now, you may be thinking, “But what’s wrong with synthetics? Surely not everything synthetic in this world is bad.” That’s true, but in the case of the synthetics with which most commercial sunscreens are formulated, not only can the ingredients be less than kind to your skin, they pose a very real inherent danger. These synthetic ingredients have been linked to possible encouragement of the growth of skin cancers—the very eventuality you are trying to avoid!
What are these synthetics? They include: octocrylene, PABA, octyl-methoxycinnamate (OMC), benzophenone-3, 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC), and homosalate. Do those sound like ingredients you want to rub into your precious skin and cover your face with?
Here’s an interesting statistic: The greatest rise in melanoma has occurred in nations where chemical sunscreens are heavily promoted and used. While science has not yet conclusively proved that chemical sunscreens cause melanoma—the most serious and most deadly of all skin cancers—it doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to deduce that there is every appearance of a cause-and-effect connection.
Now, you may have an aversion to zinc oxide because some brands formulated with
it leave a residue on the skin, but not Nordic Beauty’s all-natural sunscreen with zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is the only natural way to block out the sun, and with an SPF of 30, our sunscreen will give you ample protection through the day as you go about your daily activities—and without that nasty white residue.
Not only that, but Nordic Beauty’s sunscreen adjusts to any skin tone from the palest paper-white skin to the darkest African American hues.
Protecting your skin from the sun is important for reasons on beyond avoiding a sunburn. Yes, when you go to the beach your main concerns are sunburn and skin cancer, but in going about your everyday life you’re setting yourself up for other hazards as well. That same skin cancer worry is a concern in your everyday life as well as at the beach. Of course you’re not getting the same prolonged and concentrated doses of sun exposure you get at the beach, but over time, the cumulative effects of the sun can still cause skin cancer to grow.
Then there is the sun’s drying and wrinkling effect. If you don’t wish to look like a cousin to a prune, or to have dry skin, which is likely to become scaly and is at any rate not appealing to touch, you need the protection of sunscreen.
This isn’t just our opinion. It’s an incontrovertible fact that is borne out by years of admonitions by medical professionals.
And isn’t it nice to know that while you’re protecting your skin from the sun with Nordic Beauty’s SPF 30 CC Cream, you are also conferring on your skin the benefits of our product’s many anti-aging properties?
Our Broad Spectrum cream is easy to apply, has a matte finish so you won’t get that shiny look, protects from both UVA and UVB rays, and is kind to your skin, unlike synthetic sunscreens.
We have created an easy to apply non-greasy, anti-aging, natural coverage, matte Broad Spectrum SPF 30 CC Cream protecting from UVA & UVB rays, utilizing the safest, natural form of zinc oxide available. Our product contains no synthetic suncreens. In fact, it contains certified organic ingredients, including natural vitamins E and C.
It also increases cellular turnover with collagen peptides, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gives you a radiant and glowing (yet never shiny!) complexion, and is rich in amino acids and antioxidants. It evens skin tone and texture, diminishes the look of dark spots, and improves your skin’s overall appearance for a youthful-looking glow
For best results to insure your safety from the sun, apply our Nordic Beauty sun protection cream to your face and neck every morning.

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